Cuddle Castle Nursery


History and Founder

Ibtehaj AlAmirkani “TETA” as everyone called her; is a Jordanian Citizen. She has a degree in GRAPHIC DESIGN and 15 years experience in teaching.   Teta has got a degree in Child Development and an extensive experience in teaching, in 2015 she established Cuddle Castle nursery in Doha. Now with the growing number of children, Cuddle Castle nursery is one of the most successful nurseries in Al Dafna Doha Qatar. Cuddle Castle Nursery believes that the goal of childhood education is to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn , that is why we are following Montessori Curriculum , a method of education that is based on self –directed activity, independence , hands –on learning and collaborative play.   Teta established Cuddle Castle Nursery out of her desire to create a second home for the children where they feel safe, loved and nurtured. She is aware of the parents’ struggle to leave their children in the care of others. With her vision as a nursery founder and having a child –loving crew, she is confident that we are providing the best environment a growing child may ever need.   Teta is an artist not only in terms of profession but also in the heart. She has participated in 27 artworks, including an exhibition of the Shafallah Center in Izdan. When you visit our nursery you will see drawings and paintings all around the castle. All of these drawings are personally painted by Teta. She also loves making art and paintings with children and till now she is still keeping and displaying some of our children’s artworks in our art room.  

Our Culture

Our Staff

Creating an environment that is secure, educational and fun requires fully qualified staff with consistent and regular training. The Supportive dedicated and professional Management and the sincerely child- loving crew make our perfect Team.


Our lovely teachers are well- experienced and knowledgeable in their field. They are all Qualified in the Early Years and have a strong background working with little Kiddo’s. They are constantly enhancing their capacity through training courses and seminars. Some of our teachers are enrolled in international online classes to enhance their knowledge of education in general and in the Montessori field in particular.


We also have a well Trained Nurse and a Psychologist to provide care for children and to maintain the high health standards for Health and Safety in the Early Years.
Our teachers are from different countries but the vast majorities are from European countries with a strong background in teaching the Montessori Method of education.

Management Members


Ibtehaj Amerkani

General Manager


Shatha Alaamar



Yousra Amraoui


Lovely Precious Mira S. Pagaduan



Providing a safe learning environment for children requires comfortable facilities. Cuddle Castle Nursery offers spacious Montessori classrooms designed to provide a comfortable, educational, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for children. We do also have other facilities such as: kitchen, Indoor and Outdoor Play Area, Exploration room, Mini garden, Cinema room, Art room, Library, Sleeping room, Sensory /Session room, Emergency room.

Our Montessori classrooms are designed to provide a vast/ spacious independent learning space for children managed by the teacher and her assistants, and equipped with Montessori toys and suitable materials for each age group.

Our Babies room also provides a clean and safe place for our little ones. Every morning the nurse tries to provide our lovely kids with massages to help in the development of the children’s bones and muscles. We also provide many activities to help the children improve the use of their senses, hands and feet.




We have darkened the sleeping rooms to keep them quiet and comfortable, and we equipped them with all things the child need, including clean and new sheets and beds. As you know sleep is very important for a child’s development, so children should get proper sleep to replenish/ renew their energy for a day full of activities.




We have indoor and outdoor play areas. These areas are not only for playing but also for physical fitness activities. In the indoor play area we teach our children Yoga, exercises and fitness to help them grow strong, mobile and agile. While in the outdoor area we have sports activities like soccer, ball catching and balance game.


Choosing a nursery that best suits you and your child is never easy. There are a lot of things you need to consider. Kindly come visit our Nursery, let us show you around. We are confident after the tour you and your baby will be happy to stay and chose Cuddle Castle Nursery.

We accept applications from children of all nationalities from 2 months to 4 years old. We receive a certain number of children and places in our classes will be given on first come, first serve basis; so insuring a seat for your child is important.


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