Cuddle Castle Nursery

Bright Minds, Bright Environment

Cuddle Castle Nursery was established in 2015 with the vision of providing a second home for the children where parents would not worry about safety and hygiene.

Welcome to Cuddle Castle

Our castle is where tenderness is the only approach towards our children and the child feels happy, safe and nurtured. We are always available to cater for parent’s concern. As we are excited to welcome our lovely kids this SY 2020-2021, we make sure to give them safe environment. Because their health and safety are our main priority. 

What Makes Us Unique

Montessori Curriculum

There is nothing quite like the authentic Montessori Method for early childhood education. This unique approach enables children to discover their true potential and develop an organized, engaged, and focused mind. The Montessori experience prepares them to be curious, lifelong learners, as well as good citizens, future innovators, and able leaders. The Montessori curriculum covers five key learning areas including: practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language and culture.

Working Mother Service

Being a mom isn’t an easy job, and it’s definitely not a job for everyone. Raising a child while performing other duties and responsibilities is a lot to handle. So to make it easy for you all you have to do is to drop your child off as he is at Cuddle Castle Nursery and trust our team.

Amazing Staff

Under the Supervision of Ibtehaj Amerkani “Teta”, we do have a well-trained and qualified Staff that work very hard to meet the needs of the child’s physical, sociological and psychological development.  Our Staff are aligned with our Nursery Vision “to provide a second home for children where Safety, Hygiene and Care are a priority”.

Summer Camp Program (6:30 am - 3:30 pm)

Don’t keep your kids at home this summer. Socializing and interacting with other kids are very important factor in their growing up phase. That is why we prepare SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM to let them engage to more Fun games and recreational activities like cooking, gardening, Arts and crafts and many more that will enhance their social and motor skills.

Our Facilities

Providing a safe learning environment for children requires comfortable facilities. Cuddle Castle Nursery offers spacious Montessori classrooms designed to provide a comfortable, educational, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for children. We do also have other facilities such as: kitchen, Indoor and Outdoor Play Area, Exploration room, Mini garden, Cinema room, Art room, Library, Sleeping room, Sensory /Session room, Emergency room.

Our Location

Al-Dafna, Villa 4, Lemnaisbat, Street 971, Zone 66 
+974 7059 0999 |

Our Gallery

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